Virtual Reality

Their Definition: “The computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real manner” – according to Wikipedia.

Our Definition: “A real environment captured by both image and sound in all directions simultaneously whereby upon broadcast or playback the viewer has the sensation that he/she is within and observing the actual original environment.”

Our Message: The days of computer-generated VR dominance are over and nobody has been paying attention. Imagine a concert. The film/TV version shows you a window of the performance. Our VR version shows you the performers and the entire theater — look forward see the show, look up and see the theater chandeliers, look behind and you see the audience in the balcony – you are not “seeing the performance”, you are experiencing the performance as it is at the original venue.

Our Tech: We have created the world’s first Digital VR system that records on a single camera at more than 1300% more resolution than HD TV and at full video frame rates (currently up to 60fps are supported). By comparison this is 100% more resolution than the standard 3072 x 4096 digital master preferred for the 15 perf/70mm format (AKA “Imax”).

Our Play: Global network of theaters for Virtual reality.

The Crazy Factor: The multi-billion dollar brick and mortar investments in venues already exist. We are the only company working on a camera-to-screen delivery system. The number of venues is in the thousands, with viewership in the millions.

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