Light Field

Their Definition: “ The light field is a function that describes the amount of light faring in every direction through every point in space” AND
“A light-field camera, also called a plenoptic camera, is a camera that uses a microlens array to capture 4D light field information about a scene.” – Wikipedia

Our Definition: A single camera that can take multiple simultaneous images or multiple independent cameras that independently take simultaneous images of an environment.

Our Message: Whatever you think a camera can and can’t do, you are probably wrong. This is a singular massively disruptive technology that will transform the way we segment and review the environment. It will overnight reinvent (and likely collapse) multiple imaging sectors: Aerospace/Defense imaging, Stereoscopic imaging, mobile phone imaging, object recognition, facial recognition.

Our Tech: There is about $1BN being spent on this now and primarily in the consumer electronics race. There are ample opportunities to amalgamate various technologies for singular (and profitable) niche uses.

Our Play: We are the glue with an eye on where the market is headed at the non-consumer level.

The Crazy Factor: Already out in some basic products like Lytro which don’t impress but coming to mobile imaging within the year which does. You wont want your Apple Iphone unless it can support this new imaging factor – it is really THAT big. Plays well with Virtual Reality.

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