Your Story

With our access to cutting edge technology, leading 3D camera systems and our vast network of Oscar nominated artists and proven storytellers, there really is no better company to craft a fresh, entertaining and engaging story.

Large format 3D film is truly the way to take the viewer into a magical world. Our cameras size and technical specs mean we can bring to life worlds many of our competitors are unable to capture.

Our educational programs, teacher guides, exhibits, lobby displays, thoughtful promotional merchandise and companion book and DVD means that we truly touch upon all the senses and get the consumer to take your message home in a memorable and impactful way.

For help in bringing your story to life contact Nick Reed at or (310) 699-4547

Your Technology

Kallisti maintains an open door to any new technology or technical application that is relevant to media. If you have something great we would like to hear about it. The only criteria is that it has to be new, novel, original, and your own. We welcome buyouts, co-development, and investment opportunities. Please email us your ideas at:

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