1.  What is Kallisti media?

William Brady made a fortune out of photography.  The Lumiere brothers leveraged the movie camera into a global business.  Radio brought entertainment into the home..  Television brought a proliferation of new content and formats and people out of theaters.  Internet made everyone a content provider and access to almost unlimited information

KALLISTI is at the center of what’s next: Cutting edge technology, bringing entertainment solutions to content production and distribution. We tell great stories in the most powerful and accessible way

2.  Why Kallisti?

With our access to cutting edge technology, leading 3D camera systems and our vast network of Oscar nominated artists and proven storytellers, there really is no better company  to craft a fresh, entertaining and engaging story.Our cameras size and technical specs mean we can bring to life worlds many of our competitors are unable to capture.Our educational programs, teacher guides, exhibits, lobby displays, thoughtful promotional merchandise and companion book and DVD means that we truly touch upon all the senses and get the consumer to take your message home in a memorable and impactful way.

3.  How is Kallisti different from other production companies in the ‘edutainment’ space?

Kallisti invests in new technologies that give us marketing an early adopter edge of other companies. Despite the rumor of “Liberal Media” and “High Tech,” Hollywood has and continues to be one of the least innovative technology sectors as a whole. Kallisti’s goal is to step into and fill parts of this content and tech void.

4.  Who do your films target?

Students comprise a large portion of our audience, and because  of this we are dedicated to ensuring that our films are of the highest educational quality. We embrace our educational mission, and believe that our films have the power to impact students and enrich their lives. Our films are designed to encourage tomorrow’s scientists, inventors, and business leaders to explore their creativity and apply their ideas today.

5.  Are there any educational resources that you offer besides your films?

Our educational outreach program aims to enhance the understanding of students about the topics of each film, and to integrate that learning into Visual and Performing Arts, Math, Science, Language Arts, and History/Social Science. Curriculum-based Educator Guides provide adaptable lesson plans and interactive activities designed for enriched learning in the classroom. Our program offers in-depth opportunities for the audience to learn even more about the concepts and personalities explored in our films.

As a part of our educational outreach, there are incentives/prizes, given to reward projects of excellence. Class competitions are based on selected activities in the Educator Guides, and judged by experts in the field. In the hope that cool projects and a cool gifts might add a little extra energy to the projects. The objective is to encourage classrooms to rise to the competitive challenge provided by this incentive, and to reinforce Digital Age readiness and 21st Century Skills.

6.  Where are your films played?

Our films are played at prestigious museums, science centers, and theaters both domestically and internationally.

7.  Do you ever acquire new technology?

Kallisti maintains an open door to any new technology or technical application that is relevant to media. If you have something great we would like to hear about it. The only criteria is that it has to be new, novel, original, and your own. We welcome buyouts, co-development, and investment opportunities. Please email us your ideas at: Nick@kallistimedia.com.

8. How do I purchase your films?

For all inquires concerning acquiring theatrical rights to any of our films contact Nick@kallistimedia.com.

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