KALLISTI MEDIA is simply the merger of technology and media to create new content, or exploit new forms of distribution.

The entertainment industry has historically made it’s money through the exploitation of new technology and their application for profit.

Shakespeare is rumored to have used the optical illusion known as “Pepper’s Ghost” to make Hamlet appear before audiences (also burning down the Globe Theatre in the process), William Brady made a fortune off of photography. The Lumiere Brothers leveraged their invention of the movie camera into a global industry. Radio took entertainment to the home and created a new market. Television advanced the proliferation of content and took audiences from the theatres (one technology replacing the next), and the internet made everyone a content provider. While it is clear that the entertainment industry is a technology dependent business it is loath to test and try new technologies and spends zero on R&D and to promote new technology.

Kallisti invests in new technologies that give us marketing an early adopter edge of other companies. Despite the rumor of “Liberal Media” and “High Tech,” Hollywood has and continues to be one of the least innovative technology sectors as a whole. Kallisti’s goal is to step into and fill parts of this content and tech void.

The combination of the best creative talent and technology allows us to tell the most awe inspiring stories told in the most immersive way. To make films that entertain, educate and inspire. Walt Disney said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it”. At Kallisti, we want to make films that open up whole new worlds. Films that inspire ideas and dreams, that our world and your imagination is limitless. Our goal is to help you dream bigger. There is no greater treasure than a child’s imagination not constricted by nay sayers.

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