Life In A Drop Of Water

There are as many diverse life forms in a drop of water as in a forest or coral reef. Thousands of organisms that form the base of life on our planet are small microscopic creatures that are often neglected in discussions of biodiversity as they are too small to see yet are the critical backbone of all life. Life in a Drop of Water takes us on an exploration of the smallest forms of marine life that exist everywhere from ocean to the tap in your home to under the frozen lakes of Antarctica and potentially within the oceans of distant moons of Jupiter where similar life could exist. Scientists explain both the nature of microscopic life forms and also how understanding more about them could be the key to food, global warming, bio fuels and a host of other major discoveries. The film uses award winning cutting edge 3D photography to see these microscopic creatures as never before possible. 22 min full Dome and 2k/4k, 40min 2D &3D

Coming Winter 2012

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